Pixel Gun 3D Cheats

Pixel Gun 3D Cheats

Pixel Gun 3D Cheats

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Pixel Gun 3D guide for Free coins and gems

With a custom skin maker for Minecraft and somewhat of a retro pixel outlook, Pixel Gun 3D has been on a top spot for quite a while. A paid app, the game is actually a good quality first-person shooter game that will surely grasp the attention of gamers of a similar genre.

The Design – Pixel Gun 3D is somewhat similar to classic FPS (first-person shooter) games such as Doom and Wolfenstein. The design implicates a player entering the battlefield with a nothing but only a pixelated handgun. The player has to somehow shoot his/her way out of the scenario. The graphics are intentionally boxed.

The game also consist of mummies, zombie, skeletons and various creatures of the night which are all designed as a boxed type which is sort of similar to Minecraft. One of the main features of Pixel Gun 3D also consists of creating custom skins so that you can upload them to your Minecraft Mojang account. However, there are times that you can hardly see details of some of the monsters since the entire game is pixel heavy.

If you are a player, you are given the option of two playing modes – Survival or Multiplayer. In the survival mode, the player will be fighting a given number of enemies in a series of levels so that you can move on gradually. In the multiplayer mode, the player has to fight against others in a battle to death that is gruesome and bloody.

The skin maker section of the game offers you the option to create new Minecraft skins from scratch or start off with a preset character and customize it as you go on. This can be uploaded through Mojang to your Minecraft account.

Game Play – If you are new to the game, a player starts off on a primer level which most likely represents a zombie shooting gallery. Players are able to practice shooting techniques to familiarize the environment while tips are showcased on how to collect weapons, how to jump and move about and how to proceed once a level is cleared.

The player is then sent to a graveyard where they have to defend themselves against zombies, skeletons and various monsters. They will chase you about until you kill them off. A tip to new players is that you should always move about. The game also offers hidden guns and ammo which can be found in different places. They sometimes appear randomly in spots that you might have already checked. Therefore, make sure that you always move about.

Different guns have different options. A basic handgun needs four shots to kill off a zombie while a six-shooter gun needs only two shots to destroy them. You will also have the option of a sawed-off shot gun, a machine gun and many more while special purchases such as a pick axe and a crystal sword are available at the game’s store.

The survival mode is considered to be more challenging since you receive only one free re-spawn elixir which means that if you die, you have to re-start from the very beginning. You will be content till the elixir is working and when it runs out you have to start over.

The multiplayer mode allows you to create your own game or join an online game that is about to start off. Games can be created by selecting a map, how many players are playing which can be up to 10 and then finally deciding how many kills will win the game. Once a player enters the gaming arena, the player has to kill or be killed in return. The first player to make it to a given number of kills wins the game.

Survival mode consists of 10 levels while the multiplayer mode consists of 9 different and unique maps to choose from. The maps also come in varied sizes to suit various sized groups of players.

If you are a die-hard fan of old school FPS games, Pixel Gun 3D would surely do the trick. Most players have commended that the game is fun and exciting and also tough to get through levels. However, the game could be modified and polished to offer a better pixelated experience.

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